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Veritas Brands is a leading house of brands that champions the growth and the success of selected independent food companies throughout South Africa. The company was established in 2020 after several leading South African brands decided to streamline business operations by establishing synergistic relationships. Veritas Brands is set on evolving into a leading food group that offers a versatile range of trusted products, enabling us to cater to the culinary demands of all South African customers. We pride ourselves on delivering a unique range of quality, in-demand products from trusted brands and providing sustainable solutions to all our customers.

Willow Creek Olive Estate
Willow Creek Olive Estate
Willow Creek Olive Estate
Creekside Meats

How We Put Our Customers First

The various award-winning brands that form part of our portfolio are in high demand throughout the country. At Veritas Brands, we simplify the buying process of these goods through our online shop, enabling you to purchase your favourite food items with just a click of a button. Our efficient, uniform sales solutions allow our products to travel further and reach more consumers than ever before. This means we can now cater to more people and be able to effectively prioritise your culinary needs all year round.

How We Ensure High-Quality Products and Service Integrity

All the brands that form part of our portfolio can guarantee product quality. Our brands meticulously manage all production aspects from farm to fork, which ensures real value for money for the end consumer. This means Veritas Brands is uniquely positioned as a leading house of brands to prioritise efficiency and quality across various supply chains. By overseeing production from start to finish, we can guarantee service integrity and a trustworthy product range to all that enjoy great-tasting, high-quality food products.