Creekside Farm – Premium Meat Products

The lineage of Creekside Farm originated in RICA Meats, with the historical roots and legacy of both companies grounded in the same heritage. Creekside Farm is the proud creator of luxury meat products that aim to inspire new culinary creations in every kitchen throughout South Africa. Our meticulousness and hands-on approach extend throughout our supply chain, where we comply with the strictest control measures to ensure quality throughout our gourmet range. We delight in producing bespoke deli meats that allow you to unleash your culinary prowess in the comfort of your own kitchen. Many meat enthusiasts regard sliced meats as a welcome addition to delicious, wholesome meals, but few dare to describe their own culinary creations as a masterpiece.

Creekside Farm
Creekside Farm
Creekside Farm
Creekside Farm

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​+27 (0) 11 452 1890

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12 Chilworth Road
Founders Hill

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Ok Foods
Food Lovers Market

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